We came to ES for the purpose of turning a very good PSAT score into a great SAT score and that was achieved. Only practice and one-on-one attention could have accomplished that result. Today's students are really busy with academics, athletics, extracurricular and service activities and it is so easy to put off preparing for an exam that can be taken anytime over many months. ES was the right method for a dedicated student to engage and focus on the SAT.

Being able to take full practice tests in a simulated test environment was very helpful. The length of the test seemed to get shorter with more practices which made it easier to work through the official test. The follow-up one-on-one sessions were excellent to target the areas that could be improved. No time was wasted on general overviews that weren't relevant. Finally, enrolling in the course, forced my son to focus on the SAT, something that is difficult to do in the midst of a very demanding junior year with classwork, athletics and other competitive activities.