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Christy Fleming
Christy Fleming
04:55 21 Jan 21
When you invest in a company that specializes in tutoring and test prep, one is never quite sure if the tutor they... assign your child will live up to expectations or truly help produce desired results. But in this case, we can most confidently say that an investment in Educational Services was and is indeed a worthy one. Before we made the call to ES, several friends of ours - with hard working children - had recommend ES. All were completely satisfied with their services. Even while working with ES, our son thought he would have to take the SAT probably three times to get the score he wanted. Turns out he hit a target within his goal "range" on his first attempt - a number good enough to help him land a spot at his first choice school. We are confident the process would not have been as smooth without the support of the immensely qualified tutors at ES.read more
Margaret Burns
Margaret Burns
19:35 19 Jan 21
We had a wonderful experience with Educational Services. Our first child needed to prepare for the Act. He was provided... a great tutor named Julie. The company went way beyond expectations in helping us get scheduled for the exam which kept getting canceled due to COVID. They were kind & patient. He ended up with a great score and has been accepted to several top notch universities. We will definitely use them again for our second son next year!read more
Keith Tessler
Keith Tessler
19:11 20 Dec 20
They are incredibly responsive, flexible, and caring. The program was a lot of work, but it works. In the end, my... son’s scores were higher than we had hoped.read more
Jill Zehner
Jill Zehner
21:23 29 Nov 20
We could not be happier with our experience! From our first meeting with Julia to the end result when we received our... daughter's recent SAT score, we felt that Educational Services created a custom program that perfectly suited our daughter's learning style and her busy schedule. Her tutor, Bryan, met with her each week to go over practice tests, suggest different approaches, home in on skills that needed a boost, assess what worked and what didn't, and lend her encouragement and help build her confidence each step of the way. Our daughter took the SAT twice this fall - even amidst the Covid madness- and her score went up 260 points from her PSAT score last year!!! We are all just THRILLED. Thank you so much, Educational Services!read more
Meredith McCormick
Meredith McCormick
20:17 23 Oct 20
We have used Educational Services for our oldest 2 children and will definitely use again with our youngest child. Our... children are very different test takers, and Educational Services has been fantastic for both of them. ES has gone way over and above with all of the changes in testing due to COVID-19. Their customer service has been off the charts, so much better than any other services our friends have used. Without ES my son would not have had the opportunities he had this year with testing. Highly, highly recommend!read more
Caroline Hayter
Caroline Hayter
15:26 18 Oct 20
I cannot speak highly enough about everyone at Educational Services!! They were absolutely phenomenal throughout my... entire SAT preparation and testing process. I tutored with Carrie, and she is the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, genuine person. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions, and she truly made the SAT enjoyable and funny. She reviewed math concepts I had forgotten and gave me strategies to pace myself throughout the test. She showed me tips and tricks for every section and explained College Board's common techniques and questions. The preparation was unparalleled, and I felt unbelievably confident walking into and after the SAT. I am so proud of my final score and am beyond grateful to everyone at ES for their guidance and support. One final note, ES took COVID in stride and didn't let it phase them. Carrie had lots of suggestions for testing while wearing a mask, and Julia and Alexandra monitored test center closures daily. When they realized one of my test centers had cancelled, they immediately called me, and I was able to change my registration. I highly, highly recommend everyone at Educational Services. They have an incredible program and staff, and I will miss my weekly sessions with Carrie. Thank you all so, so much!read more
Max Dethlefs
Max Dethlefs
15:27 16 Oct 20
Despite all the complications in my SAT preparation due to Covid, as my test site closed at least a dozen of times and... I had to find another date to take a test, Educational Services helped me achieve a score that was not only much better than I had expected, but exceeded my wildest aspirations. Brian was a great tutor and prepared me for every problem I could possible face. 10/10 would recommend ES!read more
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Parent Testimonials

  • I have not actually met with Julie or heard her in a session with Celia. However, Celia is very happy. She does not complain or seem overworked. She loves working with Julie and had a great improvement on the last test. What I love the most is the confidence she is gaining in herself and her ability to take the ACT.
    Academy of Notre Dame Mother
  • Everything has been outstanding. His instructor Julie is very knowledgeable. Our son has worked with several other tutors and did not have the same level of respect. Additionally, the balance between motivation and accountability has been well received. While I would like to see more homework during the week they have created a genuine balance that keeps our son interested and not overwhelmed. We are extremely satisficed wit the program and the attention from everyone in the program.
    Salesianum School Mother
  • Alexandra is a great fit for DJ and we are very happy with her help.
    Malvern Preparatory School Mother
  • Alexandra seems to have a very nice rapport with Jackson, and he wants to do well while working with her.
    Delaware Valley Friends School Mother
  • My son enjoys working with his instructor Julie. He never complains about the additional work ACT prep has added to his schedule. My son shared that his instructor is kind, very knowledgeable, and explains things well. We are extremely satisfied Educational Services and so glad we made the decision to hire them to help prepare my son for his ACT exam.
    Saint Mark’s High School Mother
  • Bryan has established a great rapport with our son. Our son is learning from Bryan, sees him as a valuable resource and trusts what Bryan says. He is following Bryan's advice, putting the work in that he needs to and it is reflected in his scores. Our son is doing things that Bryan suggests that he would ignore if the same advice came from his parents.
    St. Joe’s Prep Mother
  • Kalli is very comfortable with Alexandra and feels extremely supported by Alexandra.
    Avon Grove High School Mother
  • Ava feels very comfortable with Carrie. Ava feels comfortable sharing whether the work load is too much or too little. Ava has gained confidence in her test taking skills.
    Academy of Notre Dame Mother
  • Carrie is wonderful and my son is really responding. His knowledge and practice test grades are steadily improving and seems to progressing well in advance of the test on Saturday, 2/6.
    Devon Preparatory School Father
  • Julie is great. My daughter likes her very much. Amount of work is reasonable and she made clear progress in her weakest subject. Julie also boosted my daughter’s confidence. I also very much like to receive Julie’s emails with feedback on progress each week.
    The Baldwin School Mother
  • Katey likes and is comfortable with Carrie. She thinks she is a big help.
    Notre Dame Academy Father
  • Carrie has been amazing. Gabe is engaged and even excited to work with her.
    Friend Central Mother
  • Ella appears to be more confident. She is very pleased with Alexandra and the entire process.
    Notre Dame Academy Father
  • Sara seems to have a better outlook of this test and the rigorous process. She is much more confident and is very thankful for the help.
    Bishop Shanahan Mother
  • My daughter is much more confident since starting her tutoring sessions.
    Notre Dame Academy Mother
  • Alexandra has been a valuable resource well beyond the mechanics of tutoring material. She provided great insight into testing considerations, options and navigating the process. She also has been an incredible coach/mentor providing positive feedback and encouragement!
    Notre Dame Academy Mother
  • Alexandra is great! So calm and knowledgeable. Quinn and I both think she’s fantastic!
    Charter School of Wilmington Mother
  • We are very satisfied. Bryan has been great and we are seeing strong progress with Christopher's ACT scores.
    Sanford School Mother
  • We were concerned about our son’s ability to prepare and take standardized tests due to his anxiety. Alexandra and Julia have alleviated all my concerns. It has been a seamless process!
    Archmere Academy Mother
  • My daughter's scores have continued to rise after each practice test. The feedback we receive from the instructor has been regular and informative. The instructor is very accessible with any questions or concerns we have.
    Radnor High School Mother
  • Bryan provided excellent communication about where my son needs to improve.
    Archbishop John Carroll High School Mother
  • ES uses a well defined 1 on 1 process to focus in on areas requiring attention and defines specific strategies for taking those test areas
    Phoenixville Area High School Father
  • Great job so far. Our son responded very well and is focused and excited about doing well! Thank you
    Pope John Paul II High School Father
  • The best part of Ethan's experience was his excellent ACT score but other than that I would say my favorite part was the excellent communication and the personal experience. I felt that not only did Bryan know Ethan but Alexandra took the time to know Ethan. I really appreciate the individual attention. Thank you!
    Radnor High School Mother
  • I cannot begin to express my confidence and happiness with Bryan. He has given her masters level English tests to practice to push her. She loves the feeling of being thought capable. And weekly she does better and better. She recently saw something she was taught at ES introduced at school and she said-- I knew it because Bryan had explained it! And last week she said- I don't have anxiety with tests but if I did doing ES and working with Bryan would definitely have cured it!
    Downingtown STEM Academy Mother
  • I feel Bryan is very good and works well with Patrick. Bryan has helped Patrick gain confidence in taking the SAT's.
    Radnor High School Mother
  • I think the proctored tests and increased practice on verbal and math have help my son prepare and increased his confidence going into the test. Specifically the practice that we focused on improving speed - quick algebra work.
    Phoenixville-Area High School Mother
  • Starting with the initial evaluation and throughout the process it is clear that the ES staff focuses on the student as an individual and their needs. This level of service and the recommended test taking strategies has helped my son improve dramatically on all aspects of the SAT.
    Phoenixville-Area High School Father
  • [I most enjoyed] having the option to take a practice test every weekend and then going over the exam with Jen the following week, the flexibility in scheduling tutoring appointments, [and] most importanly, Jen and my daughter worked very well together. Jen made my daughter feel more confident in taking the test and was very patient in answering all of her questions. Jen is very personable and my daughter valued her time working with Jen. Jen taught my daughter many new skillsets in test taking as well as math skills she had not learned yet in school. Jen was also very knowledgeable in other areas of college admission process. My daughter was very sad that her time with Jen has ended, but she promises to keep in touch. 🙂 Thank you! I would like to thank all of the staff with whom we interacted with for all of their advise and knowledge in the college admission process as well as discussing various colleges that may be a fit for my daughter. We really enjoyed our experiences at ES and will definitely be back in a few years with my son.
    Spring-Ford Area High School Mother
  • Jen is an exceptional tutor. Our daughter was able to benefit from Jen's work ethic and drive. She was the right fit for our daughter. Thank you for recommending her!
    Phoenixville-Area High School Mother
  • Jen was great with Emily and Emily looked forward to meeting with her every week. According to Emily, Jen really took the time to go over what she missed and explain it to her so she felt more comfortable when she saw that type of question again.
    Spring-Ford Area High School Mother
  • We came to ES for the purpose of turning a very good PSAT score into a great SAT score and that was achieved. Only practice and one-on-one attention could have accomplished that result. Today's students are really busy with academics, athletics, extracurricular and service activities and it is so easy to put off preparing for an exam that can be taken anytime over many months. ES was the right method for a dedicated student to engage and focus on the SAT. Being able to take full practice tests in a simulated test environment was very helpful. The length of the test seemed to get shorter with more practices which made it easier to work through the official test. The follow-up one-on-one sessions were excellent to target the areas that could be improved. No time was wasted on general overviews that weren't relevant. Finally, enrolling in the course, forced my son to focus on the SAT, something that is difficult to do in the midst of a very demanding junior year with classwork, athletics and other competitive activities.
    Downingtown STEM Academy Mother
  • Alexandra is absolutely outstanding. She understands my child's learning style and programs to meet Rachel's needs. I am extremely impressed and thankful for all that she has done.
    Delaware County Christian Mother
  • Jen has done a great job. Alena is very happy to be working with her.
    Phoenixville Area High School Father
  • Samantha is satisfied working with Bryan. Great instructor and very flexible with scheduling appointments.
    Avon Grove High School Mother
  • Julia is so nice! Always smiling and pleasant. And she understands the whole testing process. If she can't answer your question she'll find someone who can. She takes the time to get to know you and your child. Very satisfied with our experience!
    Hill Top Preparatory School Mother
  • Jen is an excellent instructor and Brooke has gotten so much out of the program already. ES has been an excellent choice and investment for us!
    Radnor High School Mother
  • Jen has done a great job of building my daughter's confidence and raising her ACT practice score.
    Conestoga High School Mother
  • Alexandra is excellent! She was able to quickly develop a report with Larissa and communicate effectively with her. As a parent with a child with an LD it was impressive how Alexandra quickly gained Larissa's respect and attention and kept her focused and on task. There is no doubt that the ACT review course was worth the investment.
    The Woodlynde School Mother
  • Jen is making excellent and efficient use of the instruction time by focusing on the areas where my son needs the most help.
    Episcopal Academy Mother
  • Alexandra is highly regarded by Sadie. The learning environment is positive, productive and supportive. Alexandra has provided constructive, detailed feedback and has brought a number of useful tips, strategies and keen observations to help Sadie do well on her upcoming SATs, I have felt the personal caring from Alexandra towards Sadie and it is evident she is invested in Sadie's being successful. Sadie sees Alexandra as having a "chill attitude" which is great and the chemistry between them has been excellent. Alexandra provides a terrific balance of challenge and compliments. We are most grateful to have Alexandra as Sadie's instructor.
    Great Valley High School Mother
  • My daughter Heather dreaded the whole idea of an SAT Course. Kudos to Jen who managed to change Heather’s attitude and scores – we’re up 340 points. Big difference. Couldn’t be more delighted.
    Agnes Irwin Mother
  • We are so glad you matched our son Steve with Bryan. Steve adored Bryan. We are very pleased with his 400 point improvement. He wants to come back for some extra hours before he takes the test again next fall.
    Radnor High School Father
  • Aside from raising her scores, my daughter received tremendous self-confidence from instructor Alexandra. Our college choices have now changed for the better. Thanks! We’ll recommend you to friends.
    Episcopal Academy Mother
  • Just a note to let you know Aiden was accepted at both Penn State Main Campus and Brown with financial aid. This would never have happened without you guys! We are eternally grateful!
    Conestoga Mother
  • It was very easy scheduling and modifying private one-on-one sessions. Jen always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner and gave specific feedback and thorough details. My daughter thought Jen was great and felt that she was able to convey helpful tips and gave solid guidance on all subject matter.
    Radnor Mother
  • I am very pleased with Mya's progress and the guidance/feedback she is getting from Alexandra. This is our 4th experience with ES and I continue to be impressed with the value we are getting. We do not live close and it's an effort to get to you. In addition, SAT help is provided at our daughter's boarding school. We have chosen ES over that in spite of the distance and time commitment.
    The Hill School Mother

Student Testimonials

  • So far the sessions with Drew have been really helpful.
    Haverford High School Student
  • Jodi is very easy to work with and she's doing a good job preparing me.
    Spring Ford-Area High School Student
  • Julie is very friendly and flexible, and I never feel like there are any dumb questions that I ask because she handles each one with the same level of kindness and care.
    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Student
  • Bryan is very personable and funny. We work together during the sessions, however our relationship is not very formal, which I like.
    New Hope-Solebury High School Student
  • Bryan is extremely helpful with any question that I might have and very friendly!
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I like Julie. She’s really nice and encouraging. Her teaching is a good pace.
    Unionville High School Student
  • Bryan is very helpful not only within the meetings but also seems easily available if I would ever need a question answered outside of our normal meeting time.
    Malvern Preparatory School Student
  • Bryan the perfect mix of friendly and professional
    Malvern Preparatory School Student
  • I really like [Amanda]! I think it will take a couple more sessions to be fully comfortable but other than that I’m feeling pretty confident! I like the online [learning].
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I like the comfortable environment that Bryan creates when tutoring. Makes it easy to ask questions!
    Radnor High School Student
  • [Julie has a] Great personality and [is] very helpful and interactive. I feel like the environment is great and we are getting a lot accomplished.
    Saint Mark’s High School Student
  • [Bryan]’s cool, easy to talk to and engages in great conversation.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Alexandra is always so friendly and welcoming and honestly doesn’t make my session seem like a drag. She keeps me engaged and does a really good job of explaining things to me as well as encouraging me when I get answers correct.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Julie is great. Very fun to work with, and when I am stuck on something, she makes it really easy to understand. 🙂
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • Julie is very helpful and very friendly .
    Phoenixville-Area High School Student
  • Bryan provides a great learning environment, is easy to talk too, and is personable.
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • I really like how friendly Julie is and how she makes me feel that it’s ok to get the answer wrong.
    Abington High School Student
  • I love working with Alexandra and I am learning so much. Her personality and her approach to teaching is amazing.
    Westtown School Student
  • Alexandra's involvement in teaching me what I need to know and making sure to point out questions that come up several times during the examinations impressed me. I admire her enthusiasm and the fact that she is a genuine teacher who cares about her students success.
    Great Valley High School Student
  • Julie is super friendly and has a great personality which allows me to be comfortable while learning. I am never scared to ask questions and she’s always reliable and helpful while answering!
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Alexandra does an amazing job. I feel like I learn a lot during our session. She is very personal and she’s able to be very flexible too. She’s very flexible especially with my schedule.
    St. Joe’s Prep Student
  • I think Julie is very nice and understanding about everything. She is patient and kind, but maintains her professionalism.
    Deerfield Academy Student
  • Drew provides a good balance between teaching and giving me time to work on problems, and overall is a good instructor.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Bryan has been very reliable and he understands my thought process while attempting problems.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I think that Drew does a great job.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I think Amanda is a good fit for me. She is very helpful [and] I’m making a lot of progress.
    Avon Grove High School Student
  • I really like working with Amanda. She is very kind and helpful and her teaching style is very helpful.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Alexandra has been a great instructor for me in these beginning stages of my prep. She has already helped me improve on my scores and is very professional. Her personality and teaching style helps me to stay focused and learn well.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I’ve had a great time working with Julie. Even with one on one sessions I never feel put on the spot while working through things I got wrong.
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • My instructor is very fun and brings a lot of different teaching styles that are helpful for my learning.
    Sanford School Student
  • I have found my first few sessions with Alexandra very reliable and haven’t received any information that I couldn’t put to use while studying or taking practice tests. There is a healthy balance between showing personality and professionalism in my sessions that makes learning much easier.
    The Haverford School Student
  • Carrie is very helpful, and her teaching style really works for me! I enjoy her being a visual learner like me. It helps me learn better, so I think she is doing a great job!
    Kingsway Regional High School Student
  • Alexandra is very nice and easy to talk to. I would say she's pretty relatable, has a welcoming/ open personality and is very professional.
    Marple Newtown High School Student
  • Carrie is a very relatable person who I can connect with easily. Talking with her is extremely easy and I’m not afraid to ask questions if needed. She is an excellent teacher who can teach some of the hardest looking things in a way so that I can understand.
    Malvern Preparatory School Student
  • I think this course has been very informative and helpful along with being professional and courteous. I think it will help me improve my score to a sufficient number
    Pope John Paul High School Student
  • Carrie is great love working with her
    Spring Ford Area High School Student
  • Bryan is organized and concise, but this works well for me. He leaves me up to my own devices and doesn’t ride me about homework. This also works well for me.
    Delaware Country Christian School Student
  • I like Julie a lot!! She is very relatable, professional, and has a great personality.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan is very nice and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I don’t understand. He explains problems thoroughly and I understand it every time.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I enjoy Bryan's personality and he's easy to talk to. I appreciate that he doesn't jump right into things, but rather he initiates a normal conversation to start with. I like how he structures and breaks up the time, so we're not focusing on one thing for too long.
    Tower Hill School Student
  • I really like Julie’s personality! She is very encouraging and she is always pointing out what I did right before talking about my mistake. This way of teaching does not discourage me and allows me to understand what I did right and wrong. I also really enjoy the way she teaches, she allows me to reflect my error and see what I did to get my answer and then talks me through different teaching strategies and what I did wrong in the process.
    Wissahickon High School Student
  • I think Alexandra is very nice and makes you feel comfortable enough to ask any questions you have.
    Delsea Regional High School Student
  • Alexandra is great, very persistent, and cares about my success
    Sanford School Student
  • Alexandra is so great and so smart. I can ask her anything and she is always willing to help. She also answers my questions on text so fast, which is really nice. I was really nervous to start the whole ACT process and she has made it very enjoyable!
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • Julie is super nice and very friendly! She asks me how fast I want to go and relates to me on a bunch of different things. I feel very comfortable with her; I think she is really helping me with testing strategies and getting to know the SAT test better.
    Unionville High School Student
  • I’m comfortable enough to be myself and ask questions during my sessions. Bryan is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explains every challenging problem. I appreciate his patience.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I appreciate how Bryan is focused on using every moment of our session to prep for the SAT while still getting to know me and develop that comfortability and trust between a student and a teacher.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I like that Bryan is open to my suggestions as well as offering me beneficial ones in return.
    Sanford School Student
  • I’m comfortable enough to be myself and ask questions during my sessions. Bryan is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explains every challenging problem. I appreciate his patience.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Carrie is very helpful and very nice, very easy to talk to and converse with.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • My instructor has been great so far! Julie has helped me especially with understanding the problems I got wrong on the practice ACT. She’s really easy to talk to and she helps me understand problems by drawing them out for me as well.
    Academy of Notre Dame Student
  • Carrie has had a profoundly positive impact on both my SAT scores and my confidence in myself. She is an extremely positive person and one of the only teachers I genuinely feel comfortable asking questions to (and as she knows I ask a LOT of questions). She wants to get to know me more as a person, not just her SAT student, which I appreciate a lot, and she maintains her professionalism throughout. I also appreciate how she was able to help customize a strategy and map it out step by step so I can fully understand it.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Lessons with Julie are really nice. She’s able to provide a warm environment while still getting a lot done during our time together. Julie is very personable to speak with while working through answers and makes lessons very enjoyable.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Carrie is the nicest person. I am very glad I was paired with her. She has made this process much less stressful for me.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • I like my instructor Julie. She’s very friendly and she makes sure I understand the material before moving on.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I really like Alexandra! I feel super comfortable asking her questions and she always makes sure I understand the topic before moving on to the next.
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • I really enjoy working with Alexandra. I think the stuff I am learn really will help me.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • I think my instructor Julie is extremely helpful and supportive during the process of ACT prep. The appointments are very productive and efficient and I am happy with the homework I have.
    The Baldwin School Student
  • I find my instructor Alexandra to be very relatable and we get along very well! I feel very comfortable asking any question I have and I look forward to my sessions.
    Academy of Notre Dame Student
  • I feel that I can ask Alexandra whatever questions I have, ask to stay on sections longer, and talk about what problems I encountered on the test openly and receive the help I need.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Carrie is very nice and friendly and makes the meetings as fun as they can be while still getting through everything. She has taught me a couple of good tricks and is very encouraging.
    Bishop Shanahan High School Student
  • Overall I think Alexandra is very friendly and helpful. She is great at explaining things and is very understanding of my learning style.
    Cyber Charter School Student
  • Julie is super personable and friendly. I can ask her anything and she gives an educated response that I can understand. I feel so comfortable asking her to go back and explain things.
    Phoenixville Area High School Student
  • Carrie is super friendly and helpful, which relates to me.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • I really love Julie’s personality, and her willingness to answer all of my questions!
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • Carrie has been awesome so far! She is super friendly, and I feel totally comfortable asking questions! She’s super sweet, totally professional, and this feels like a great match. She’s also been super flexible with trying to schedule around my work and other commitments. I also find her teaching style very helpful. We’ve reviewed lots of math concepts and have gone over reading strategies and tips and tricks. I do think there’s a lot of homework, but I feel that it is a manageable and appropriate amount.
    Wilmington Friends School Student
  • Bryan is a great instructor. He’s very good at answering my questions and explains everything very well.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan’s teaching style suits me very well and I like how he checks in with me to make sure I have and good understanding of a problem or how I feel with a specific strategy. Bryan is very relatable and I am very comfortable asking him questions to further strengthen my skills.
    The Haverford School Student
  • Julie is incredibly helpful and knows what she is talking about. She is able to help with all aspects of the prep and can explain what I don’t understand very well. I work well with her because she has a good sense of humor and can get down to work. She is very nice, funny, helpful, and professional!
    Bishop Shanahan Student
  • Carrie has been a great tutor. The environment and instructions Carrie provides are both great. I am always comfortable and engaged during the sessions.
    Sacred Heart Academy Student
  • I love Carrie! Just after our first session, I was able to increase my overall score by two points. She is very good at explaining things in a way personal to me. She works at a great pace and is super encouraging. She also challenges me to work through problems that I didn’t feel comfortable doing just a couple months ago. Carrie always makes our sessions a dialogue, so I am never bored and always feel engaged! She also is amazing at helping choose a strategy that works for you! Carrie is very good at making sure you understand what is expected of you and she is super nice!!
    Villa Maria Academy Student
  • Carrie is awesome. I think what she’s doing is useful for me. Her teaching style is perfect.
    Sanford School Student
  • Julie is very kind, easy to talk to, and helpful when I ask questions.
    St. Joe’s Preparatory School Student
  • Carrie is awesome, and I think we work very well together and have similar learning styles. The instruction is great and the environment is friendly, and not too much going on. It is easy to get distracted when too much stuff is going on in a work space.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan is friendly. I like his teaching style when we have our lessons, and overall he is a great teacher.
    Avon Grove High School Student
  • Bryan is great. I’m learning great new tips to help me on my writing section a lot and already seeing improvement in my score
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • Julie is very nice and knowledgeable. She helps me work through problems or questions I struggle with in a very effective way.
    Harriton High School Student
  • Carrie is very nice and easy to work with! I love her way of reviewing and it helps a lot.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Julie has done a great job helping me learn the material as well as working on better strategies to doing better.
    The Haverford School Student
  • Bryan is very helpful when it comes to explaining answers. When I get one wrong I don’t feel bad for it. He explains the answers to me and it makes me feel a lot better about my mistakes and makes it easier for me to learn from them.
    Unionville High School Student
  • I like how Alexandra asked me when I had exams to try and help me with the work load.
    St. Joe’s Preparatory School Student
  • I think Alexandra is very easy to talk to and she makes me feel super comfortable and not afraid to ask questions when I don’t understand or I am just curious. She is also extremely helpful, encouraging, and very flexible with different learning styles.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I like how nice Alexandra is if I am having trouble with a certain problem. Helps me get through it and fully understand it rather than just tell me the answer.
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • Bryan is very helpful, and is aware about making the most out of our sessions. Good balance between being supportive and telling me what went wrong.
    Rustin High School
  • Julie is really helpful and has taught me some great tips on how to succeed with the ACT. She is really friendly and understands how to teach me the information.
    St. Joe’s Preparatory School
  • Bryan has proven to be a reliable instructor who is able to relay information to me in an effective manner.
    Germantown Academy Student
  • I like Alexandra's personality, I think she’s trying her best to get the info in my head. I think she does a good job to go over what I got wrong.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • I really like my instructor Bryan, he is very helpful and is very nice.
    Spring Ford Area High School
  • Carrie is very helpful and kind.
    Friend Central Student
  • I’m very pleased and happy with the advice and learning I receive from Alexandra.
    Lower Merion High School Student
  • I think Cynthia is very nice and definitely helps me the most with the math sections. She is very professional and seems genuinely interested in how well I understand the material which I appreciate.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Bryan has a great personality and really connects to my style of learning.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Julie has been very easy to work with so far and she has helped me a lot already. I look forward to continuing to work with her.
    Pope John Paul II High School Student
  • Everything is going well so far. Alexandra is easy to work with and I am able to understand the feedback she gives me.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • Bryan gives helpful strategies for test taking.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Julie is easy to talk to and very helpful.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Carrie is very helpful and understanding.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I really like Carrie and her approach. She is willing to teach me in a different way, which is very helpful!
    Westtown School Student
  • So far everything has been great. The pace of teaching and material has been very helpful.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I think Alexandra is a very good tutor and has helped me so much.
    Bishop Shanahan Student
  • I liked that Bryan discussed strategies to test taking in our first session.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Julie’s awesome and super friendly. She makes it seem like I’ve known her for weeks rather than having met with her a few times.
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • Julie is very kind and knows when to step in if I am stuck on a question. I like how she always makes sure I understand what she is explaining and takes the time to answer questions I have.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Carrie has been extremely helpful when prepping for my ACT. She provides useful tricks and methods to identify certain answers and is always trying to help me understand the material as best as possible. She has been nothing but kind and It is very nice knowing that she really wants me to succeed on this test.
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • Bryan has a good personality and works at a pace that works for me.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan is great, and [my preparation]'s perfect so far.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I like Bryan and I am definitely improving.
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • Alexandra is very helpful and helps me manage my time with a busy schedule.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Carrie is doing a great job and does a lot to make the sessions fun and easy for me.
    Spring-Ford Area High School Student
  • I think Alexandra’s doing a great job so far! She’s really understanding and helpful especially during my rushed timing situation right now with my testing.
    Agnes Irwin Student
  • Alexandra is very nice and super helpful when it comes to teaching. Also very good at explaining things when I don’t understand them.
    Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Student
  • Alexandra is very patient and kind when going through the questions I got wrong. She gave helpful tips and techniques on how to approach difficult questions. ES is doing the maximum amount to help me prepare me for the ACT’s.
    Liberty Online Academy Student
  • Bryan is very helpful and easy to work with. I feel comfortable asking questions, and his answers are always informative and helpful.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Alexandra is really knowledgeable and helpful. She has already taught me ways to be successful on the SAT, and my confidence has already gone up!
    Westtown School Student
  • Alexandra is very helpful and positive. She always provides me with tips to better my score as well as my test taking stamina.
    Great Valley High School Student
  • Carrie has taught me so many helpful tips! She is super friendly and a great instructor!
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Alexandra’s very helpful and clearly breaks down and explains topics.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • Alexandra explains the concepts very and clearly answers any questions I have. She is very nice and helpful.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Mike is very easy to talk to, and also is very helpful with explaining the math concepts that I’ve forgotten over time. He’s also very helpful at keeping me on task so that we have time to finish everything we need in our shortened tutoring sessions.
    Temple University Student
  • Bryan is very nice and I feel like her understands how I learn and what is best for me. Going very well so far!
    Ursuline Academy Student
  • Alexandra’s super nice! I like the style of how she teaches and is great how she can take stuff I’ve learned in school and make it into a full circle picture with the ACT.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan has been very good to work with. He is willing to provide alternate explanations when needed and always asks if I understand after he explains something.
    Sanford School Student
  • I like the the way [my] sessions are taught.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • Mike is great and super helpful
    Sacred Heart Academy Student
  • Overall Bryan has a great personality and is very professional.
    Malvern Prep Student
  • Bryan has a Good personality, is very human yet maintains a professional demeanor.
    Sanford School Student
  • I think Alexandra is very understanding and able to help me when I need it, she has a lot of patience and does not make me feel discouraged even when I am very unsure of things.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I feel that I can ask questions and that I have already learned new things that will help increase my scores. Also I feel that it is a positive and effective learning environment.
    Westtown School Student
  • Alexandra is a phenomenal teacher. She has a very calm demeanor and is easy to understand. This factor makes it very easy to connect with her and ask questions. Having a great teacher who is relatable makes studying the ACT more enjoyable and fun.
    Warwick High School Student
  • [Carrie]’s a good teacher and knows how to prepare me for the SAT.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • [Bryan] is easy to relate to and very professional.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I think Carrie and I work really well together. She is very helpful and she makes me feel comfortable during our sessions.
    Sacred Heart Academy Student
  • I think Bryan is a good instructor for me. He is good at answering my questions. He is easy to have a conversation with.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Bryan is very kind and explains concepts in a manner that is easy to comprehend (if not, he'll try another way!).
    Conestoga High School Student
  • Alexandra is super nice and relatable! I love working with her, and she always makes sure I understand the material.
    Charter School of Wilmington Student
  • Bryan is extremely friendly. I feel comfortable asking him questions. I feel that his techniques and the way he explains stuff to me makes a lot of sense. Doing SAT prep with Bryan makes SAT prep more bearable.
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • Bryan is very professional and nice! I enjoy sessions with him and he is a very good teacher. The style of teaching in the way that we look at problems I have questions about or got wrong definitely makes sense and helps to to understand where I went wrong.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan is great! His schedule is very flexible and is willing to meet with me however often it may be needed.
    Villanova University Student
  • Alexandra is very nice and helpful. I honestly think that they way she is teaching me is great and I don’t think that there is anything to change.
    Agnes Irwin Student
  • I really enjoy Bryan as an instructor, he is easy to talk to and always explains things perfectly for me to understand.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • Jen’s very nice and understands my questions well. She does a great job at explaining grammar and math and the way she explains problems makes it so I can apply the technique to other problems too.
    Strath Haven High School Student
  • Bryan is great. He is helpful and is teaching me good strategies that seem to be helping.
    Devon Preparatory School Student
  • I really am enjoying myself, and I feel like I'm getting a lot out of the class. I do feel a little rushed sometimes, but I do not think that is [Jen's] fault, just the time period we have and the fact that I'm a little slow to take notes (and I talk a lot haha). But I really like Jen she's lovely!! I like when she talks in depth about problems, and explains things to me. I don't do as well trying to teach myself the information by reading about it. That said, what we've been doing so far has really been helpful. I feel comfortable asking questions and I really benefit from going through the tests I take every weekend.
    Lower Merion High School Student
  • Jen is very approachable and I have learned a lot from her in a very short time. Overall I really enjoy working with her.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Courtney has done a phenomenal job explaining any additional questions that I have. She has been a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to keep learning!
    Radnor High School Student
  • Bryan is very relatable and professional. I think that we have very similar personalities and I think is a very good fit.
    Sanford School Student
  • Alexandra does a great job of making full use of the two hours we have working together. The tips and tricks she has shared with me have better prepared me for the SAT.
    Lower Merion High School Student
  • [Jen]'s a great teacher, and I really feel like I'm improving each week.
    Radnor High School Student
  • I really enjoy my lessons with Jen! She's been extremely helpful in teaching me about methods that I didn't know before or re teaching me what I've forgotten. Honestly I wouldn't change anything. The course is working really well for me.
    Phoenixville Area High School Student
  • I think [Alexandra] understands me very well, and works at a good pace with me. She treats me like an adult which I appreciate.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • I think [Jen] is a good fit for my learning style and we work well together.
    Phoenixville Area High School Student
  • We have only had two sessions so far but they have been great. [Alexandra] is very helpful and I have already improved.
    Malvern Preparatory School Student
  • [Jen] is really good at explaining strategies for answering questions on the test.
    Harriton High School Student
  • Everything is really great! The course is very helpful. Alexandra is great to work with and easy talk to. I am not afraid to ask any questions or speak up when I do not understand.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I think we work well together and [Bryan] helps me a lot.
    Pope John Paul II High School Student
  • [Bryan]'s a good instructor and is able to explain to me how to do anything I have trouble with.
    Avon Grove High School Student
  • Alexandra is really warm and friendly and a great person. She's a really great instructor and is very encouraging.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • Alli is extremely helpful and simplifies the exam questions for me, which has helped me so much. I used to over complicate problems, but now I take my time and don't second guess myself.
    Episcopal Academy Student
  • [Alexandra is] Very kind with an outgoing personality to help you feel more comfortable.
    Villa Maria Academy Student
  • [Jen]'s really nice but still serious and professional. Her tips have been very helpful and she is great at explaining questions that I don't understand.
    Notre Dame Academy Student
  • I make a complete fool out of myself at least five times each tutoring session and Jen never makes me feel bad about it. She's great.
    Conestoga High School Student
  • [Jen] is extremely friendly and has a great personality. I love how she laughs a lot and we can have a little fun once in a while. With the classes I had with her so far, she is helpful and hope we can get to know each other a little more as the weeks progress.
    Harriton High School Student
  • [Jen]'s a great tutor and I've liked working with her! Very helpful with questions.
    Radnor High School Student
  • Alexandra has been the absolute best. She is super nice, and helps me to feel good about the ACT. She is always reliable, has a great personality, and is very professional.
    Notre Dame Student
  • Thanks for helping me get into Princeton, I am able to commit early for lacrosse!
    Radnor High School Student
  • I had already taken a classroom LSAT Course at college before coming to ES. What a difference! Thank Holly and tell her I’ve been accepted at U Penn Law School!
    Villanova Graduate
  • My mother asked me to write this thank you note. I’m supposed to tell you that Bill is a miracle worker. Well, it’s true. It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it. I’ve just been accepted at Bucknell. My younger sister is headed your way next year. Thanks again!
    Penn Charter School Senior
  • Thank you Jen for helping me get a full ride to Villanova even though I'm not going to use it. We were able to get some money from William and Mary when they saw what Villanova was offering me. I'll be back in three years for LSATS!
    Lower Merion High School Student
  • The strategy that [Alexandra] gave me for [ACT] reading has increased my score by 6 points. Along with that she is very pleasant to be around and very accommodating
    Radnor High school Student
  • Bryan has taught me a lot of good tricks to use and things to look out for when taking the ACT. He is very knowledgeable on all the areas of the ACT and is extremely helpful.
    Archmere Academy Student

Schools with whom ES works and partners:

    • Academy of New Church (Bryn Athyn, PA)
    • Academy of Notre Dame De Namur (Villanova, PA)
    • Agnes Irwin School (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • AIM Academy (Conshohocken, PA)
    • Allentown Central Catholic High School (Allentown, PA)
    • Archbishop Carroll High School (Radnor, PA)
    • Archmere High School (Claymont, DE)
    • Avon Grove High School (West Grove, PA)
    • Baldwin High School (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN)
    • Bishop Shanahan High School (Downingtown, PA)
    • Cardinal O'Hara High School (Springfield)
    • Central Bucks South High School (Warrington, PA)
    • Central Bucks East High School (Doylestown, PA)
    • Central Bucks West High School (Doylestown, PA)
    • Chandler High School (Chandler, AZ)
    • Conestoga High School (Berwyn, PA)
    • Conrad School of Science (Wilmington, DE)
    • Delaware County Community College (Media, PA)
    • Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, MA)
    • Delaware County Christian School (Newtown Square, PA)
    • Delaware Valley Friends School (Paoli, PA)
    • Devon Preparatory School (Devon, PA)
    • Downingtown East High School (Downingtown, PA)
    • Downingtown West High School (Downingtown, PA)
    • Episcopal Academy (Newtown Square, PA)
    • Friend Central School (Wynnewood, PA)
    • Friend Select (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Germantown Academy (Fort Washington, PA)
    • Germantown Friends School (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Great Valley High School (Malvern, PA)
    • H.B. Plant High School (Tampa, FL)
    • Harriton High School (Rosemont, PA)
    • Hatboro Horsham High School (Horsham, PA)
    • Haverford High School (Havertown, PA)
    • Henderson High School (West Chester, PA)
    • Hill Top Prep School (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • Holy Child School at Rosemont (Rosemont, PA)
    • Kennett Square High School (Kennett Square,PA )
    • Kent School (Kent, CT)
    • Kimberton Waldorf School (Phoenixville, PA)
    • Kingsway Regional High School (Woolwich Township, NJ)
    • La Salle High School (Wyndmoor, PA)
    • Lawrenceville High School (Lawrenceville, NJ)
    • Lower Merion High School (Ardmore, PA)
    • Mainline Classical Academy (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • Malvern Preparatory School (Malvern)
    • Marple Newtown High School (Newtown Square, PA)
    • Martin Saints Classical High School (Oreland, PA)
    • Merion Mercy Academy (Merion Station, PA)
    • Merrol Hyde Magnet School (Hendersonville, TN)
    • Methacton High School (Eagleville, PA)
    • Moorestown Friends School (Moorestown, NJ)
    • Mount Saint Josephs Academy (Flourtown, PA)
    • New Eagle Elementary (Wayne, PA)
    • New Hope-Solebury High School (New Hope, PA)
    • New York - Homeschooled
    • North Penn High School (Landsale, PA)
    • Penncrest High School (Media, PA)
    • Phoenixville Area High School (Phoenixville, PA)
    • Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (Plymouth Meeting, PA)
    • Pope John Paul II High School (Royersford, PA)
    • Radnor Elementary (Radnor, PA)
    • Radnor High School (Radnor, PA)
    • Radnor Middle School (Radnor, PA)
    • Renaissance Academy (Phoenixville, PA)
    • Rising Sun (North East, MD)
    • Rumsey Hall School (Washington, CT)
    • Sacred Heart Academy (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • Salesianum (Wilmington, DE)
    • Sanford School (Hockessin, DE)
    • Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadelphia, PA)
    • St. Aloysius Academy (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • St. Joseph's Preparatory School (Philadelphia, PA)
    • St. Katherine of Siena School (Wayne, PA)
    • St. Marks High School (Wilmington, DE)
    • Stafford High School (Fredericksburg, VA)
    • Strath Haven High School (Wallingford, PA)
    • Tarleton School (Berwyn, PA)
    • The Baldwin School (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • The Haverford School (Haverford, PA)
    • The Hill School (Pottstown, PA)
    • The Shipley School (Bryn Mawr, PA)
    • The Walden School (Media, PA)
    • Tower Hill School (Wilminton, DE)
    • Tredyffrin Easttown Middle School (Berwyn, PA)
    • Unionville High School (Kennett Square, PA)
    • Upper Dublin High School (Fort Washington, PA)
    • Upper Merion High School (Wayne, PA)
    • Ursuline Academy, Wilmingto, DE
    • Valley Forge Middle School (Wayne, PA)
    • Valley Forge Military Academy (Wayne, PA)
    • Villa Maria Academy (Malvern, PA)
    • Villanova University (Villanova ,PA)
    • Wayne Elementary (Wayne, PA)
    • West Chester East High School (West Chester, PA)
    • West Chester Rustin High School (West Chester, PA)
    • Westtown School (West Chester, PA)
    • William Penn Charter (Philadelphia, PA)
    • William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia, PA