SAT/ACT Diagnostic Packages

Since all colleges weigh the SAT and ACT equally, which should you take? Take the first step in the testing process by determining whether the SAT or ACT is the better fit! Our SAT/ACT diagnostic options give you a sneak-peak at how you'll perform, help you decide which test is the better fit, which test dates will be best to target, and how much preparation will be necessary. Get started on your path toward achieving your goal score with ES!

Have you already made a decision about SAT versus ACT? If so, you can find our preparation options here.

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Packages

With a Single Diagnostic, discover what it is like to take the digital SAT (DSAT - 2h15m) OR the paper-based ACT (3h5m).

If you're unsure as to which test will be the right choice, Dual Diagnostics will be our more comprehensive option that allows you to experience both tests. We collect your feedback on the test-taking experiences and can cross-compare the results to determine which test is the more strategic fit for you.

All testing takes place at our office, but can be done elsewhere upon request. Upon completion, we will schedule a 1-hour family consultation (see below) to review performance and devise a testing plan.

This particular assessment is geared toward those who would like to officially test in fall 2023.
The sections flip back and forth from one test to the other (ACT English, SAT Reading, ACT Math, etc.) to ensure that the student's fatigue will weigh equally on both scores. The assessment is 3 hours and 30 minutes in length (close to a full-length SAT or ACT).
The assessment is offered every day virtually, as well as on select Saturday mornings in person. When testing virtually, we encourage your child to begin testing between 8am and 9am. When testing in person, students must arrive at our St. Davids office at 7:45am.
Within minutes of the completion of the assessment, your student's 9-page score report will be available. The score report provides detailed information such as total and sub-scores for each test, percentiles, correct answers for each question, as well as categorizations of errors by both subject matter and difficulty level.
We will then review performance and devise a testing plan in the family consultation (see below).
Parents and students are all encouraged to attend the virtual consultation through Zoom. We will answer all your questions and discuss lots of things including: the score report(s), which test is the better fit (dual diagnostic only), areas of strength and opportunity, test dates, and preparation options. At the end of the consultation, you can have a full plan in place for the future!
The Single Diagnostic --- $125
The Dual Diagnostics --- $175
The SAT/ACT Diagnostic taken virtually --- $150
The SAT/ACT Diagnostic taken in person --- $175

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