Meet the Team

  • Alexandra

    AlexandraDirector of Education, Instructor

    • BA Early Education
    • BA Sociology
    • and MA Education with a concentration in Reading

    From the time she could speak, she could teach. Alexandra has recounted tales of creating a classroom at home in her playroom to teach her younger siblings the math she learned in her first-grade class, even though her pupils were too young to count to ten.

    Alexandra's education began at The Shipley School, and she herself enrolled at ES as a student. Her SAT scores improved through her time at ES and she was able to secure a merit-based scholarship at her first choice school! Throughout her undergraduate and graduate experiences, she developed a great love for teaching elementary school students. After she finished her degrees, she returned to the Main Line to teach first grade for a local private school.

    While teaching, Alexandra noticed a tremendous opportunity to help young children who were struggling to read. After she joined the ES team in 2008, Alexandra created ES’s Early Reading Program to help young children to learn to read with confidence. Over the years, families with small children requested her help with preparing their older children for standardized tests, especially those who needed extra help in reading. While Alexandra works with students with a range of academic abilities, she specializes in helping students with learning accommodations. Today, in addition to being an instructor, she is also the Director of Education; she trains her fellow instructors and monitors all students' progress.

    Specialities: ACT, SAT, HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, Elementary/Middle School Academic Tutoring, Mathematics, Reading, and Study Skills

    Home Town: Villanova, PA

    Fun Fact: Alexandra is a twin and also has twins!

  • Avery

    AveryFounder and Expert Consultant

    • MA Psychology
    • BA English
    • BA Psychology

    Avery graduated from the Episcopal Academy with the John Andrews Harris Writing Prize after publishing several times in the Atlantic Monthly. He attended Trinity College as a James Lippincott Goodwin Fellow, and continued to publish extensively through college and separately as a news reporter.

    Avery taught English Literature, Creative Writing, Algebra I & II, and Geometry to seniors and juniors at the Agnes Irwin School for two years before returning to Bryn Mawr College for graduate work in psychology. He founded Educational Services nearly fifty years ago, and continuously served as Director until summer 2016 when he decided to retire (or at least partially- he couldn't stay away!). Avery can still often be found at the St. David's Office and serves as an Expert Consultant for all matters related to standardized testing and the college process.

    Home Town: Villanova, PA

    Fun Fact: Avery is an art collector!

  • Bryan


    • BA Spanish Literature
    • BA Psychology

    Bryan was recruited to play soccer for Ohio Wesleyan University, and was also offered a merit-based scholarship for his notable performance on his ACT.  As a student athlete, Bryan juggled the demands both on the field and in the classroom. Through school he pursued two of his biggest passions: Spanish and writing. Bryan studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain which helped him to earn one of his degrees in Spanish Literature.

    Upon his return to the United States, Bryan became a Spanish tutor for the Modern Foreign Languages Department at OWU. Even after his graduation from college, Bryan felt so connected to the language that he became a high school Spanish teacher. After a few years of teaching, Bryan and his family relocated to the Main Line. In search of an opportunity to continue his love for Spanish, writing, and teaching, he found ES. Bryan has been teaching for ES since 2007!

    Specialities: ACT, SAT, GRE, College Essays, English, and Spanish

    Foriegn Languages: Spanish

    Home Town: Worthington, Ohio

    Fun Fact: Bryan can juggle!

  • Carrie


    • MA English Language Arts
    • MA Education
    • BFA Photography
    • Minor in French

    Carrie is a published poet in various literary magazines, and is passionate about the power of language and student achievement. She holds two Masters Degrees in Education and continues to learn with every opportunity. Carrie has always been drawn to teaching and very much enjoys personalizing each lesson for her students at ES. She has previously taught both math and English in the classroom, and she values fostering a love of learning for her students.

    Specialities: ACT, SAT, HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, College Essays, English, Mathematics and Elementary/Middle School Academic Tutoring

    Foriegn Languages: French

    Home Town: Lancaster, PA

    Fun Fact: Carrie has hiked the Grand Canyon with her dachshund!

  • Dr. Deborah Ledley

    Dr. Deborah LedleyAnxiety Counselor

    • Ph.D. Psychology
    • Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Adult Anxiety Clinic of Temple University

    Dr. Ledley has always felt a desire to help others. After earning her degrees, she spent several years on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. Since 2006, Dr. Ledley has been in private practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia where she primarily works with children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety disorders.

    Dr. Ledley’s research has focused on the nature and treatment of anxiety. She has published over 50 scientific papers and book chapters, four academic books, and a book for new moms called “Becoming a Calm Mom: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy the First Year of Motherhood”. Her book “Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work,” soon to be published in its Third Edition, is a best-seller in the field of clinical psychology. It has been translated into several languages and is used as a textbook in many clinical psychology training programs in the United States and Canada. She is also currently working on a worry workbook for kids for New Harbinger’s Instant Help Series.

    Dr. Ledley loves teaching about stress and anxiety. When she was approached by Educational Services to share her knowledge and offer greater opportunities to ES's students, she knew it was a perfect fit.

    Specialities: Anxiety Counseling

    Home Town: Toronto, Canada

    Fun Fact: Dr. Ledley enjoys traveling. In the past year, her family went to three national parks and to London!

  • Julia

    JuliaDirector of Enrollment and Operations, Specialist

    • BA French
    • BA International Studies
    • BS Marketing
    • Minor in International Business

    While at The Shipley School, Julia was honored as a National Merit Semi-Finalist. To help maximize her SAT score she enrolled with ES. During her college process, Julia’s SAT score helped to solidify her acceptance to a top ranking business school in the US. During her studies, Julia had the opportunity to study abroad in Montpellier, France. She enjoyed her time so much that she decided to re-immerse herself in the French culture the following summer; she moved to Paris to work for advertising agency in the second arrondissement. Julia also came to ES with years of management and customer service experience from a Fortune 500 Company.

    Today, Julia is often the first point of contact when families are considering working with ES. Julia enjoys getting to know each family, as well as helping students to feel comfortable with the preparation process. Her main goals are to educate families, answer all questions, and to make sure that they feel confident and comfortable in each step of the preparation process. She also helps to share her passion for the French language through helping students prepare for the French AP and Subject Tests, as well as through academic tutoring. Julia also coordinates all the behind-the-scenes work and helped to launch ES’s partnership with College Pursuit.

    Specialities: French, HSPT, ISEE, SSAT

    Home Town: Villanova, PA

    Fun Fact: Julia has been skydiving!

  • Julie


    • MS Education
    • BS International Business

    Julie is full of passion. Teaching, writing, musical theater, foreign languages, plants... you name it! She is a self-proclaimed "musical/theater nerd" and loves to entertain and delight those around her. From a young age, Julie enjoyed helping her friends with their homework and, thus, her desire for teaching was born. After taking her SATs and earning a merit scholarship to an honors college, she took her teaching to the next level as an American culture and English tutor in college. She also served in AmeriCorps for one year after graduation to teach English in an urban middle school. She has a lot of experience working in multiple languages with students from diverse backgrounds, and truly enjoys building strong rapports with everyone she meets.

    Specialities: ACT, GRE, HSPT, ISEE, SAT, SSAT

    Foriegn Languages: Spanish and Mandarin

    Home Town: Pittsburgh, PA

    Fun Fact: Julie is very passionate about plants- she and her friends collectively have over 115 plants! They are currently creating a podcast series relating to plants!

  • Marcia

    MarciaAdministrative Assistant

    • BA English
    • MBA

    Marcia believes that the educational path never truly ends. She grew up on the Main Line and graduated from The Shipley School. After finishing her undergraduate degree and her MBA, she worked in mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world. After many years of working 60+ hour work weeks, Marcia decided it was time for a new adventure. We're grateful that adventure brought her to ES! Marcia assists in various aspects behind the scenes to keep all operations running smoothly.

    Home Town: Wayne, PA

    Fun Fact: I love to travel – the more distant the locale the better. I also love to ride horses, and I have a thoroughbred named Lola!

  • Melisa


    • MA Education with advanced study in Special Education
    • BA Political Science

    Melisa has been a life-long politics and history fan. She excelled in History and high school and decided to follow her passion. After earning her undergraduate degree in Political Science, she knew she wanted to spread her passion through teaching and decided to earn a Masters of Education. Since 2007, Melisa has been teaching AP US History at a local high school and has been asked to be AP US History Reader (this is a high honor which allows her to score national AP US History exam essays)!

    Melisa learned of ES from the murmurings of her students and realized how many students she would be able to help if she were to join our team- it was not long before she became part of our family. Melisa greatly appreciates the opportunity to mix her passion with her desire to help students learn and appreciate the relevance of US history to today's world.

    Specialities: • US History • US Government

    Home Town: Holland, PA

    Fun Fact: Melisa rescues German Shepherds!

  • Pierre


    • MS Aerospace Engineering
    • Diplome d'Ingenieur (equivalent to an MS in Engineering)
    • Ph.D. candidate for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Pierre-Yves grew up in a small town in France with a sincere interest in space. His passion for space and science grew tremendously as he got older and led to his earning a multitude of degrees in France and the US all related to Aerospace Engineering- he is a true rocket scientist!

    After his first Masters in the US, he was asked to retake the TOEFL exam and the GREs to apply for the next step in his education (his previous scores were out of date) so he sought the help of ES! His scores on both tests were impressive enough that he received an early acceptance to Princeton University for his PhD program! During his time at Princeton, Pierre offered to give back through ES to tutor students who need an extra hand in Physics, Computer Science, the TOEFL and GREs.

    Specialities: Computational Science, French, Mathematics, and Physics

    Foriegn Languages: French

    Home Town: Mably, France

    Fun Fact: Pierre designed and launched a 7' rocket!

  • Tina

    TinaCollege Counselor

    • Master of Social Work
    • BA Psychology

    Tina Gregor is the owner and founder of College Pursuit, a college admission consulting company created in 2002. Tina’s professional experience includes a clinical background with a focus on family therapy with a Master’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania.  Tina has worked with young adults since 1992 in various roles and settings. She has assisted families with conflict resolution and stress management, which has proven critical in her role in leading College Pursuit. Tina often serves as a liaison between parent and child, helping to establish a plan in which a family can refer to and depend on to reach their desired goal.

    Tina’s experience with teens and parents fuels both her insight and passion. She believes that third party involvement can be a powerful influence in creating a positive and productive platform for communication. With College Pursuit’s involvement, parents will feel reassured that the details and tasks are being managed correctly and the student feels supported by the relationship and resources offered. Tina collects information and learns about the student during the initial evaluation. Tina’s intuitive nature and relationship-building skills serve as the foundation for the important connection she makes with her students and families. Tina brings together her professional counseling experience, exceptional communication skills and a personal commitment to ensure a successful process for each student.

    Specialities: College Counseling

    Home Town: North Wales, PA

    Fun Fact: Tina has discovered a 99% cure for the hiccups!

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