Math-Readiness Classes

Was your learning interrupted by COVID-19? Did you previously take an abridged summer class that breezed through important topics? Would you like to ensure you are prepared for all math-related areas of the SAT and ACT? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ES is ready to help!

Introducing... Math-Readiness Classes!

Math-Readiness Classes are designed to teach students math content in an academic manner, then show how that content can be transformed and applied to SATs and ACTs. These intensive classes ensure students feel well-rounded in math before diving into test preparation and can offer a head-start in previewing test content. Each class is one hour in length and can be held privately 1-to-1 or in a small group. Classes can be taken in any order unless a special order is noted.

Math-Readiness Classes

      • Algebra Classes:
        • A - Linear Equations, Parallel & Perpendicular lines, Slope, Distance and Mid-Point Formulas
        • B - Exponents, Logs, Radicals, Scientific Notation
        • C - Polynomials and the Quadratic Equation
        • D - Circle, Ellipse, Hyperbola, and Parabola Equations in a Plane
      • Functions Classes:
        • A - Evaluate Functions, Systems of Equations, and Matrices
        • B - Period, Amplitude, and Asymptotes
      • Geometry Classes:
        • A - Angles and Parallel Lines cut by Transversal Line
        • B - Area, Perimeter, Compound Area, Surface Area, and Volume
        • C - Area and Perimeter on the Coordinate Plane, Shape Transformations, and Similar Shapes
        • D - Pythagorean Theorem and Special, Right, & Similar Triangles
        • E - Trigonometric Ratios (SOH CAH TOA) and Laws of Sines and Cosines
        • F - Unit Circle and Plane Trigonometry
      • Numbers and Quantity Classes:
        • A - Absolute Value, Decimals, Fractions, and Proportions
        • B - Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
        • C - Sequences
        • D - Unit Conversions and Rates
        • E - Vectors
      • Statistics and Probability Classes:
        • A - Combinations, Probability, and Expected Value
        • B - Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
        • C - Percentages and Interest Rates
      • ACT Calculator Tricks
        • Gain lots of calculator programs and learn how to use them to save time and effort!

  • Heart of Algebra Classes:
    • A - Interpret Variables and Create Equations
    • B - Solving Equations with 1 Variable
    • C - Linear Equations, Midpoint, Lines and Slope
    • D - Solving Equations with 2 Variables
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis Classes:
    • A - Fractional Parts
    • B - Percentages
    • C - Mean, Median, and Mode, Standard Deviation, and Shape of Data
    • D - Measurement, Units, and Rates
    • E - Reading Graphs and Scatterplots
    • F - Statistics and Probability
  • Passport to Advanced Math Classes:
    • A - Exponents, Conjugates, Radicals, Imaginary Numbers, and Scientific Notation
    • B* - Polynomials, Factoring, Quadratic Equations
    • C* - Completing the Square, Parabolas, and the Circle Equation
    • D - Functions

*These classes coordinate and B is a prerequisite for C.

  • Additional Math Classes:
    • A - Angles, Lines, Triangles, Determining Similarities
    • B - Geometry
    • C - Trigonometric Ratios (SOH CAH TOA) and Laws of Sines and Cosines
    • D - Arcs, Circles, and Radians

Receive personalized attention in a 1-to-1 class and move at the pace that works best for you! You can schedule your classes any time on any day!

      • Individual Classes: $140/Hour
      • Bundle of 3 Classes: $378 (10% Savings)
      • Bundle of 6 Classes: $714 (15% Savings)

We gladly accept all major credit cards, direct deposit, checks, Zelle, and cash. Payment is required for the first class (or bundle of classes) at the time of enrollment. Payment for all future individual classes, when applicable, will be due at the start of each class.

All scheduled 1-to-1 classes may be changed or cancelled with at least 24 hours of notice. All classes changed or cancelled without the proper notice will be charged. Weekend and holiday-Monday sessions must be changed or cancelled by 5pm on Friday.