Salah's passion for math and physics inspired a desire to surround himself with more of it. How? By helping others with those subjects through tutoring. Having grown up in Bangladesh, he brings a fresh and knowledgeable perspective to academics. Having completed most of his education in the US, he is no stranger to the way American students learn today.

During his Masters program, Salah was awarded recognition as the "Outstanding Graduate Student." He enjoyed learning so much that continuing his education to obtain a doctoral degree was inevitable. Simultaneously, his passion for sharing his knowledge through publications earned him a coveted award from the National Science Foundation.

He greatly enjoys teaching core concepts, then bringing real-world application to his lessons to make learning more accessible and fun. Do you have to learn about arc length? How about, instead, learning how to find the distance your cell phone flew when your brother threw it out the window? Need to learn about Newtonian physics? How about, instead, learning about the force you feel when catching a baseball? Whatever motivates you to learn, Salah will find a way to slip it into your lesson.

Salah views teaching as a gift that reflects his personal growth and all he has learned. He has tutored students of varying ages in a 1-to-1 setting for many years. His patience, creativity, and personalized learning plans are the cornerstones of his thoughtful approach. He creates a comfortable learning environment in which his students can thrive, and he thoroughly enjoys watching his students' confidence levels grow in parallel with their skills.

PhD Insutrial Engineering (in progress), MS Logistics, BS Industrial Engineering

Specialities: Mathematics, Physics

Foriegn Languages: Bangla, Hindi

Home Town: Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Fun Fact: Salah is afraid of heights, but loves mountains!

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