Some people are innately good at art, athletics or history; Vic is innately good at math. When asked to describe himself, "quantitatively-oriented" is his first descriptor. He is truly taken with the subject and has an insatiable curiosity to learn more. While in high school, he completed coursework in the maths and sciences which are far beyond the scope of the average high school student. He achieved several perfect scores on his AP Tests and Subject Tests in STEM-related topics (and a 780 on his SAT math, without preparation!). He noted that his classmates were not always as comfortable with the content of their math classes, so he learned to break concepts down to their most basic foundations for his friends. He continued his passion for math throughout his undergraduate and graduate ventures earning degrees in Mathematics and Applied Statistics, and always found ways to continue teaching.

He has been a professional tutor for more than 10 years, and works with students who span a wide range of academic abilities, ages, and personal interests. If you do not initially enjoy math or feel you are not math-oriented, Vic will find a way to enthuse you! He injects humor and real-world examples into his teaching to make material easier to understand. Outside the classroom, Vic enjoys playing chess, xiangqi (Chinese chess), travelling locally to explore new areas, folding origami, and spending time in Cape May.

BA Mathematics, MS Statistics

Specialities: Chemistry, Economics, Latin, Mathematics, Physics

Foriegn Languages: Japanese and Latin

Home Town: Havertown, PA

Fun Fact: Vic has been making origami since first grade!

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