Transitioning & Letting Go

“Being a good parent requires knowing when to push and when to back off, when to help and when to let them make mistakes and then being strong enough to watch them go." - Anonymous

Your child, like you, is being pulled between the past, present and future. Wanting to be independent and being ready to be independent are two different things. One day you might hear, “Leave me alone; I’m 18 years old. I’m independent.” and the next day you hear, “You’re never around when I need you.” Your child’s ups and downs are a sign of the confusion of this transitional time. This workshop will prepare you for the emotional transition as your son or daughter prepares to leave for college. Learn how to have a meaningful summer, how to plan the big move to campus, how to best communicate when your child is first away, and what to expect when your child returns from the first semester.

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