Coping With The College Admission Process

“High standards really matter, but let me be crystal clear — by high standards, I am not referring to achievements. I don’t mean straight A report cards, consistent 10s in gymnastics, or pitching perfect Little League games. I mean being a good human being….”  -Ken Ginsburg

The College Admission Process excitingly leads to a new chapter for students, but it also involves a plethora of forms, choices, and deadlines; many students become easily overwhelmed and anxious. In this workshop, facilitated by Dr. Deborah Ledley, students will learn healthy routines to minimize the onset of anxiety, strategies to manage different types of anxiety, and more!

The Coping With The College Admission Process Workshop Includes:

  • Strategies for managing anxiety during the college testing and interview process
  • Learning to recognize the importance of sleep, healthy diet, and regular exercise during times of stress
  • Questioning commonly held beliefs about college admissions in order to reduce anxiety during this lengthy process
  • Learning to cope with peers, schools, and parents during the application process
  • Helping students to become mindful of one’s own interests, values, and goals, and to apply these to the college decision making process


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