SAT/ACT Full Diagnostic Package

Take the first step in test prep by determining whether the SAT or ACT is the better fit! Our Full Diagnostic Package helps you understand which test is a better fit, which test dates will be best to target, and how much preparation will be necessary. Get started on your path toward achieving your goal score with ES!

Have you already made a decision about SAT versus ACT? If so, you can find our preparation options here.


Full Diagnostic Package

  • This assessment is held in our main office and exposes your student to all subsections of both tests in one morning. The sections flip back and forth from one test to the other (ACT English, SAT Reading, ACT Math, etc.) to ensure that the student's fatigue will weigh equally on both scores.
    The assessment is 3.5 hours in length (just shorter than a full-length SAT or ACT) and is offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am-1:30pm throughout the school year, and Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10am-1:30pm throughout the summer.

  • Within 48 hours of the completion of the assessment, your student's 9-page score report will be available. The score report provides detailed information such as total and sub-scores for each test, percentiles, correct answers for each question, as well as categorizations of errors by both subject matter and difficulty level.

  • Parents and students are all encouraged to attend the consultation! We will discuss the score report in detail, help you decide whether the SAT or ACT is a better fit, select test dates, and discuss how much preparation will be necessary to reach your student's goal score.

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