Angela loves puzzles. She has always been drawn to math and biology since both require a person to think through steps and concepts, similar to solving a puzzle. She is especially passionate about biology since she has a love for animals and nature. Her studies in both math and biology have helped her develop a deeper understanding for how much of the world works. When she noticed her peers in an anatomy class in college were not catching on to the material as easily, she worked quickly to organize a study group. When her peers from the study group noticed the positive impact of their time together, Angela knew she was onto something. She then led study groups for nearly all her science and math classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her peers were succeeding (as was she, graduating Cum Laude and as a University Honors Scholar), and she was enjoying teaching. Her love for teaching brought her to ES, and her passion for the subject matter has propelled her onto her current path to become a veterinarian.

Of course, she would not be Angela if her passions ended there. She also enjoys classic literature such as Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters; these works sparked her passion for English and essay writing. Before she joined ES, she was a writing consultant assisting students with their undergraduate- and graduate-level writing. In all the subjects she tutors, she enjoys using her problem-solving mind to help students solve their own academic puzzles. She implements a student-directed approach in which they work together to determine where the student has opportunity to improve and what the best approach may be. She empowers her students and utilizes interactive strategies so that they learn that studying can be fun!

BS in Animal Science, MS in Veterinary Science, Graduate Certificate in Professional and Technical Writing, PhD in Veterinary Medicine (in progress)

Specialities: Biology, English, Essays, and Mathematics

Home Town: Union, Kentucky

Fun Fact: Angela loves gardening and growing her own vegetables in the summer!

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