COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

While learning is important, safety is paramount. Educational Services (ES) is open for in-person learning, and offers various learning options to ensure everyone feels as safe as possible. We have firm and detailed guidelines in place to ensure we are providing safe learning environments for everyone involved.

Students will always have the opportunity to learn in person, remotely, or through a combination of the two (hybrid learning). Any students wishing to meet in person will need to follow a series of guidelines including wearing a mask, respecting social distancing requirements, and getting fully vaccinated.

We at ES understand vaccines are a controversial topic. Our guidelines are based on information from leading health experts including the CDC, NIH, and local officials, as well as from the trend of hundreds colleges requiring vaccinations for students. For those who choose not to vaccinate, we are happy to work with you remotely.

No matter how you choose to prepare with ES, we will help you achieve your best!


ES COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Student will be allowed to participate in our services in-person, remotely, or through a combination of the two (hybrid learning).
Absolutely! Students can change their wishes at any time. If students begin remotely and change to in-person or hybrid learning, they will need to follow all policies relevant to in-person learning (please see below). If students chooses to change from in-person learning to hybrid or remote learning, we will ensure those students have access to everything necessary at home for their preparation.
To ensure all instructors are fully prepared for each appointment, 24 hours of notice is required to change appointments from one learning option to another.
Educational Services will follow all CDC guidelines to ensure we are providing as safe an environment as possible for our students and team. All students and instructors will be required to wear masks while inside our offices, and instructors will maintain six feet of distance from students while teaching. All classrooms will have air purification systems and be sanitized frequently.
Since break-through infections are still possible after vaccination, we feel these precautions are indeed necessary.
Students are permitted to wear masks which have been approved by the CDC. Examples of these masks can be found through the before link and include cloth masks, disposable masks, and KN95 masks. Students are also welcome to wear a combination of disposable and cloth masks, if they prefer to double mask.

The following styles of face coverings are not acceptable: bandanas, neck gaiters, scarves, shirts pulled up over the nose and mouth, masks with exhalation valves or vents, masks which have gaps around the sides of the face or nose, masks which are wet or dirty, counterfeit/fake KN95 masks. Please also note that persons with facial hair are advised against wearing KN95 masks, as the seal may not be as snug as expected around the face.

All members of the ES team will be following these same mask guidelines.

Masks will not be provided to students for in-person learning. Students will be responsible for bringing their own masks and their masks must fall under the list of acceptable masks (please see previous question).
Yes. All students and instructors will be at least six feet apart for in-person learning.
While under more usual circumstances we would say "Come on in!", we will not be permitting family and friends to access our building at this time. Only students and the Educational Services team will be permitted inside our offices. Please note that while we have other tenants in our building, they are all fully-vaccinated, work on other floors, and will not make use of the ES spaces on the first floor.
Yes. All members of the ES team (instructors and staff) have received two doses of the vaccine, as well as a booster.
Yes. Educational Services will require all enrolled students who would like to work 1-to-1 with our instructors in person (whether fully in person or hybrid) to receive, and provide proof of having received, a COVID-19 vaccination authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Once five months has passed since the final initial dose, a booster shot (and proof thereof) is required.
Students are required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA. There are actively three approved vaccines available in the United States, and more information about them can be found on the FDA website. Full vaccination is required; this means the final dose has been successfully administered (two doses for Moderna and Pfizer, one dose for Johnson & Johnson), and a two-week period following the final dose has been observed. When five months has passed from the final initial dose, a booster shot is required.
A person is fully vaccinated after the final dose has been successfully administered (two doses for Moderna and Pfizer, one dose for Johnson & Johnson), and a two-week period following the final dose has been observed. When five months has passed from the final initial dose, a booster shot will be required.
As soon as a family wishes to confirm enrollment for in-person or hybrid learning, a copy of proof of vaccination will be required to complete enrollment. Proof of vaccination can be dropped off at our main office, texted to the office at 610-687-0627, or emailed to Julia Taunay, Director of Enrollment, at
The information provided will be used to determine a student's eligibility to participate in in-person or hybrid learning. The information will not be used for any other purpose, nor shared with any third parties.
Full vaccination will be required for all students learning in person, regardless of history of infection. This decision comes from recommendations from the CDC (please see COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection).
All students, regardless of vaccination status, will be able to participate in remote learning. Please call the office or check this page in the future to learn of any changes to our safety guidelines.
Any/all concerns regarding COVID-19 exposure must be reported to ES as soon as possible. Should one of our instructors be exposed to COVID-19, ES will notify all the affected families as soon as possible.
Positive COVID-19 results need to be reported to ES immediately, as others in the ES community may be impacted. Students who test positive must learn remotely for a period of at least 5 days, and may return to in-person learning after they are without a fever for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications) and have all other symptoms improving (aside from a loss of taste and/or smell).

Should an ES instructor test positive for COVID-19, ES will notify all the affected families same day and temporarily transition all affected students to remote learning (or in person with another instructor) for at least 5 days. The instructor will be able to restart in-person appointments once he or she has been without a fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of a fever-reducing medication) and shows improvement for all other symptoms.

Yes. As the pandemic continues to evolve and new guidance is offered by health officials, these safety guidelines can be changed at any time. All current ES families will be kept apprised of any changes.