1-to-1 ACT and SAT Preparation

We at Educational Services want to help you customize your student's 1-to-1 ACT and SAT preparation so that you get exactly the amount of help your son or daughter needs, no more and no less. ES guarantees performance through our course packages and also offers discounts on preparation with Ready...Set...PREP Nights!

A La Carte

Not sure how much preparation your student really needs? Or would you like to test the waters to see if we're really as great as people say we are? Our budget-friendly A La Carte menu allows you to select single sessions --- your son or daughter can visit us once, twice (or more), with no strings attached. We’re confident that you will be pleased with our services!

  • $230 1-to-1 Tutoring Session, per hour
  • $50 Materials (one-time fee per test subject)
  • $24 1 Virtually-Proctored Practice Test
    • Offered most Saturdays in the morning during the school year
  • $150 Full SAT/ACT Diagnostic Package*
    • 3.5-hour Proctored Diagnostic Assessment containing material from all sub-sections of the SAT and ACT
    • 9-page Analytical Score Report
    • Follow-Up Consultation with the Director to discuss results

* If the student enrolls in a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Course Package then the $150 paid for the Full Diagnostic Test Package will be credited towards that Course.


Silver Course Package

Just starting your preparation? The Silver Course Package is for you! To achieve the highest possible score increase, we have found that 18 hours is just the right amount of time to prepare a student for either the ACT or the SAT. Now that the tests are more content-based than strategy-based, we have found that it takes longer to review a single homework than before because we want to make sure the student has a solid grasp of all of the material. Don't worry, we still have lots of strategies to teach, too!

  • Complimentary SAT/ACT Full Diagnostic Package
  • 18 hours of 1-to-1 SAT and ACT Preparation
  • ACT 4 Point Increase or SAT 100 Point Increase Performance Guarantee**
  • Access to the online Student Portal
  • 1 Virtually-Proctored Practice Test between Appointments
  • All Materials

Gold Course Package

Do you want to dive deeper into preparation for one test or are you looking to prepare for both tests? Then the Gold Course Package is for you! If you wish to learn both tests, then after you complete 18 hours of preparation for one test, the remaining 6 hours will be used to prepare you for the other test. There is much more of an overlap of material between the tests than ever before- we want to help you master both! Also, all instructors tutor both tests so your student can continue to work in a comfortable environment with someone whom he or she has become familiar.

  • Complimentary SAT/ACT Full Diagnostic Package
  • 24 hours of 1-to-1 SAT and ACT Preparation
  • ACT 5 Point Increase or SAT 150 Point Increase Performance Guarantee**
  • Access to the online Student Portal
  • 1 Virtually-Proctored Practice Test between Appointments
  • All Materials

Platinum Course Package

The Platinum Package allows a student to receive the greatest opportunity to grow and achieve higher scores. This package offers flexibility for the student to study both the SAT and ACT, or prepare for multiple test dates of the SAT or ACT throughout the school year. Performance Increases are guaranteed if a student chooses to study the same exam continuously throughout the course.

  • Complimentary SAT/ACT Full Diagnostic Package
  • 30 hours of 1-to-1 SAT and ACT Preparation
  • ACT 6 Point Increase or SAT 200 Point Increase Performance Guarantee**
  • Access to the online Student Portal
  • 1 Virtually-Proctored Practice Test between Appointments
  • All Materials
Are you considering preparing for the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) or the Pre-ACT? These preliminary tests are created by the same test makers and have similar formats and content to the SAT and the ACT (except the preliminary tests eliminate the essays.) So, when you are considering preparation for a preliminary test it will be the same as preparing for the SAT or the ACT.
All appointments are made one-at-a-time and may be changed or cancelled with at least 24 hour notice. Appointments changed or cancelled within 24 hours will be charged. Weekend and Holiday Monday appointments must be changed or cancelled by 5pm on Friday.
Based on the student's mastery of the material, instructors will assign drill packets focusing on a particular area of the test and/or an entire test between each appointment. Practice tests can be completed at home or in a Proctored Practice Test at our St. David's Office. Progress can be monitored from appointment to appointment.
We gladly accept MasterCard, Discover, and Visa, as well as checks or cash. A $300 deposit is required to schedule the first appointment in a Course Package and the remaining balance is due at the beginning of the first appointment. For the A La Carte services, the full balance is due at time of scheduling.
It is recommended that students meet with their instructor on a weekly basis in preparation for a test date. Typically, appointments are scheduled for an hour and a half, but can be an hour, or two hours as needed to get through the homework that has been assigned. We typically do not suggest having more than two weeks in between each session because a student will not as easily be able to apply the strategies previously learned.

*Savings are calculated based on the total cost of each Course Package compared to paying for each component separately on the A La Carte price list.

**Please inquire for eligibility requirements. Rules and regulations apply.

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